Lil Wayne Concert Tickets

Dwayne Michael Carter, known in the Rap and Hip-Hop world as Lil Wayne is no stranger to recording and rap having joined Cash Money Records at the youthful age of nine making Lil Wayne the youngest recording artist on the label. Carter was a member of many different groups as a youngster but first made a name for himself in 1999 with release of his Platinum selling album “The Block is Hot” which sold over 1 million copies just in the US. While his next two releases were not nearly as popular as the first his next album “The Carter” exceeded all three previous release in overall popularity. However Lil Wayne’s career was interrupted recently when the rapper was convicted on possession of an illegal firearm and had to serve 8 months in prison.

 7:00 pm
Resoloution 2017: Lil Wayne & MigosSt. LouisChaifetz Arena