Theater Tickets - Broadway Tickets has one of the largest selections of Broadway Tickets in the industry! All of our tickets are provided by Professional Ticket Brokers, which enables us to sell a wide variety of Broadway Tickets and Theater Tickets at great prices. No matter what Broadway Show or Theater Event you want to attend, most likely has what you need! From popular classics like Chicago and Wicked, to classics like Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera to new sensations like American Idiot, Billy Elliot, Memphis, and The Addams Family, can satisfy all your Ticket needs.

The tickets you find for sale on our site are being resold, therefore the prices are subject to change. We are not affiliated with any of the theatre companies, venues or box offices. It possible that the prices you pay could be above or below the original cost of the tickets. Please make sure to double check the time and date of performance you wish to attend as many shows will occur both during the daytime and evening hours. If you want to speak to one of our customer service representatives you may do so by dialing 1-888-583-6037!

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